Insecure, angry, racist white guy…..It had to be and Anti-Gunner.

Mr. Alan C. Baird by his own blog, lives a stone’s throw from Phoenix. Wherever his commune is located, it seems they don’t get TV, radio, Internet or even smoke signals ’cause he was surprised to see somebody in Arizona that was carrying a gun openly. <ZOMG!> (see bottom of this page)

We all have seen guys like Mr. Baird before. They have issues with Civil Liberties unless they grant them to others and the thought of somebody not depending on the government scares the crap out of him. Them peoples are out of control! “Control” being the interesting key word as in Gun Control.

But let me go through selected quotes from his post. First of all, he sees some elderly gentleman legally carrying a sidearm and suddenly is not an armed senior, somebody who by virtue of a gun, has a chance to fend off an attacker who might pray on his frailty. No sirree, this elderly person is now a:

“corpulent 80-year-old a**hole was standing in front of the donut peaches, packing a pistol.”

Now Mr. Baird never talks to the gentleman or politely asks him about why is he carrying a gun. Maybe he is afraid that the old man may make sense or he is really hoplophobic or even he really thinks that guns are not the solution. But he never gave the old gentleman a chance because the gun made him automatically an asshole in his mind. Quite an open minded fella Mr. Baird!

Then we get into the Hoplophobe Narrative. Those series of misconceptions so ingrained they become automatic truths. We start with two old time favorites: Only Cops Should Save Guns and Gun is Substitute for Penis.

Not a law enforcement guy, just some retired jerkoff who evidently wanted to enhance the perceived size of his schlong.

One thing that always caught my attention is how anger-prone Antis can be. Why? I mean they are allegedly for love, peace and the pursuit of free cannabis but somehow let them see toolings by Mr. Colt and they become meth freaks after a hit.

back to Mr. Second-F*cking-Amendment: when I saw that gun in the grocery store, steam started shooting from my ears...I marched up to the front office and loudly demanded to see the manager. When he arrived, I was apoplectic: “If you’re gonna allow this kind of behavior in your store, I’m not gonna shop here anymore.”

In the midst of his anger, he manages to don his mental KKK Ceremonial robe, gets all Grand Dragon and reminds us that bad things only happen in colored neighborhoods where the spics and the niggers live.

“And it’s not like this white-bread neighborhood is dangerous. The worst criminals you have are jaywalkers.”

Of course, the shop owner agrees with him. He appears to be equally sick that the retards that populate Arizona actually have the right to carry the tools for self defense. The reason why the manager is like this gets to be rather obvious:

“Exactly. I recently moved here from California, and I can’t believe what these people get away with.”

And it gets worst after that. Mr. Baird goes through the terrorism shtick, then dabbles into psychosis (allegedly ours, not his demonstrated one) the “superiority” of Europe’s culture and costumes and lastly getting a gun to taunt the old man and shoot him if possible.

Yep, Mr. Baird wants to kill somebody. He aches for it. He needs to recover his wounded manhood (he and his wife keep bringing the penis thing so I wanted to return the favor) by perpetrating first degree murder.

Mr. Baird, it is because there are totally deranged people like you out there that we carry. And it is a good thing, by the looks of your writing, you may snap the next time you go to your organic food store and somebody beats you to the ripest organic melon that you think you were entitled to have.

PS: Please, if you ever feel like going really paranoid, you are cordially invited to come visit us in Florida. We don’t have open carry so over 600,000 of us carry concealed weapons. Not knowing who is packing heat next to you in a crowd, restaurant or hotel lobby should do wonders to your anti-psychotic meds consumption.

UPDATE: Mr. Blair, citing undue attention from our side, deleted his original post. Unfortunately for him copies and screenshots can be found. And to avoid himself any further need to defend what he allegedly believes in but maybe not, he has closed comments on his blog citing First Amendment concerns…Huh?

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