Bye Bye Baird.

Darn it! Now we did it. Alan C. Baird bought hisself a gun!

On several updates of his now infamous post, Mr. Baird is claiming that he has decided to use his (not you, you don’t have one) Second Amendment Rights and bought firearms for his protection. And you know something? I am almost sure he did. Hypocrisy is a well established trait with his kind.

Of course, he goes on to rant against where can you carry and stating that Arizona is asking for trouble (why Arizona has not had any trouble remains un-asked) and he ends up comparing himself with Salman Rushdie and compares us with Muslim Terrorists… there he goes again with his racist remarks. (Cue violins and images of puppies)

And just in case he feels the need to delete his post and claim we are violating his First Amendment rights, here is a capture of the blog.

But somehow I don’t think he is “afraid.” I think he just wanted to buy a gun and used the post as an excuse so he did not lose points on his Progressive Card. Let’s face it, if he was really afraid that we gun nuts were after his ass, he wouldn’t be publishing his location and photo, right?

Funny thing the crosshairs on his pic. Yep, he wanted a gun and needed an excuse.

UPDATE: Nope, he ain’t very afraid. He is in Facebook with all his data, his family’s and fresh pictures. His rant about us have not generated much sympathy amongst his 452 friends.