Afraid of shooting IDPA?

” If you worry about shooting a match and “Oh My God! I’ll never get over it if I come in dead last,” consider you are pretty close to the one in a million people who is willing to test their skills at this. If you ever do come dead last, you still came out ahead of a few hundred thousands of people who thought they were cool but didn’t have the guts to get out there and test themselves like you just did.”

Massad Ayoob’s thoughts on IDPA.

The gauntlet has been thrown. Besides, if you live in Florida, don’t worry. I am the worst IDPA shooter here and guaranteed to come in dead last so the spot is taken. 🙂

5 Replies to “Afraid of shooting IDPA?”

  1. I am nowhere near a marksman with a pistol… However, when the opportunity presented itself for me to take part in a relatively free-form IDPA-ish match in a relaxed setting, I jumped at it.

    And it turns out, I was pretty bad. However, I was “the best of the worst”, and due to some strange scoring system that I do not fully comprehend to this day, I walked away with third place in the match, and a new shotty.

    Give competitive shooting a shot, folks (pun intended) – you never know how you might surprise yourself.


  2. Your attitude should be you are competing against yourself. Competition is for improving not winning or loosing. Took my dad shooting to an informal indoor match. He did one or two silly things, but by the end he could place two quick shots into the C zone or better. That is what competition is about.



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