Florida Gun Bloggers Rendezvous?

Quoting from StateOfFlorida.com:

Distance from Pensacola to Key West – 792 Miles by Road

Damn, we are a long sucker of a state. Still, we should seriously think about having a Rendezvous or at least figure out where the Florida Bloggers are so we can eventually plan a meet. Why let all them bloggers up north have all the fun and we are condemned to see French Canadian season go by without being able to do something about it? (Just kidding…Mostly 🙂 )

On the weekend of March 11 to 13, the Wyoming Antelope Club in Clearwater will be hosting the 2011 Florida State IDPA Match. If any bloggers out there (Florida or otherwise) are going to attend the match, I think we can do a get-together and just shoot the breeze in between stages and a meal after the Saturday match.

And if you haven’t shot IDPA before, you should give it a try and come shoot the State Match. It is loads of fun and you are more than likely meet some great shooters plus have fun with a great many cool people that shoot our sport.  Find a local club, join IDPA and let’s plan to meet in March.

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