Gun Store “Oy!”

So a Dick’s Sporting Goods stores opened up recently somewhat near where I live. I had never been to one and I found out they sell guns, so I finally and over the very loud protests of She Who Must be Obeyed manage to squeeze some free time and visit the store. On arrival, I made a bee line to the gun counter to see what are their offerings and prices. I quickly see that no handguns of any kind are for sale but they have a somewhat decent selection of sporting long guns and not so bad prices. Nobody is in the gun section so i take my time to see what other things they sell and they also have ammunition for handguns (OK, no handguns but I can sell you the ammo for them), knives, scopes, etc. Finally a pimpled, bespectacled young whippersnapper drags himself behind the counter and droningly asks me if he can help me.

Me: Just looking but, let me ask you a question. How come you guys don’t sell handguns?

Kid: It is against the Laws of the State of Florida.

Me: Huh? Bullshit!

(I admit that this was not a very polite way to indicate I was not ingesting the excuse, but my BS meter got pegged real hard.)

Kid (recoiling at the outburst): Well, you know, it is different more complicated paperwork….

Me: It is the same paperwork for both handguns and long guns. You guys must have an FFL, right?

Kid: Whut?

Me: Form 4473?

Kid: (Vacant stare)

Me: you know, the Federal form it must be filled when you sell a gun over the counter?

Kid: Er….. Pfffft! (No kidding, he did that)

Me: Thank you, have a nice day.

Nope, not coming back to Dick’s. At least one employee honors the name of the store with his knowledge and attitude.

3 Replies to “Gun Store “Oy!””

  1. Sure it will, Dick’s doesn’t make their living off firearms and ammo, but rather all the other stuff they stock.

    Also, they don’t stock handguns at any of their stores, it’s a corporate policy to “not contribute to gun violence” or some nonsense.


  2. I went into the new Dick’s in Flowood, MS to see their selection of hanguns I carry carry concealed since I am elderly and partially disabled. The young man at the door informed me that Dick’s does not carry handguns because of the violence with them.

    AHAH wonder why the little jerk thought I might need a hand firearm – to point it at the bullet-proof glass at a drive-through bank?

    Dick’s… just change your name to something more appropriate. There are plenty of other stores that can probab;y help me. Whatcha wanta bet “Dick” and the others have Concealed Carry and do so when they feel threatened.



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