Next: Recalling elected politicians.

Election 2010 is done and the blood from the massacre is still fresh but we shouldn’t be done yet. Wherever possible, recalls should be implemented on local Pols that deserve it.

Miami-Dade Major Carlos Alvarez is in the cross hairs of a well deserved recall petition. Ignoring the economic reality of South Florida where those who still can manage to stay barely afloat in their house payments received a nasty surprise in the form of raised property taxes. In my particular case, my taxes jumped almost 30% (not the 13% the county claimed) and I am telling you, that hurts like hell.

Local Billionaire Norman Braman organized a drive to recall Major Alvarez and get the necessary 52,000 signatures to trigger a special recall vote. The law says that the challengers have two months to collect the requires amount of signatures and, if it is any indication of the mood of the people, Braman announced that in less than three weeks, they collected 90,000 signatures. Now if that is not a major flag saying that people are seriously pissed with the Strong Mayor, I really don’t know what else could be. Next on the list of targets, the Council members that approved that measure but run by a different group of people.

It probably won’t be an easy recall. Mayor Alvarez has the backing of many influential people including the Florida Marlins owners who are getting a sweet $350 million dollars of our money to build an stadium that will probably be empty or close to empty some 365 days a year barring the occasional concert or other major public gathering not having to do with the Marlins. Well, the Marlins suck as a baseball team and as the Cubans around here say “Ni siquiera su Mamas los van a ver jugar.” (Not even their mothers go to see them play”)

Hopefully we will say goodbye to Mr. Carlos “I also belong to Bloomberg’s MAIG Cadre” Alvarez sometime next year.