Attick Cleaning: What’s in Jack Bauer’s bag?

Still more old stuff found in old back ups.

What’s in Jack Bauer’s bag?

Three vials of sodium pentothal
Chase’s other arm- there is no way that Jack was unaware that Chase broke Kim’s heart. Jack always gets his revenge.
Copy of CTU Distress Codes (2004 Edition)
Three Cruise missiles
Four pairs of flexicuffs
Sun Tzu’s The Art of War
Medieval Iron Maiden
Pair of pearl-handled Colt revolvers
Habib Marwan’s heart
Cell phone and PDA chargers
Swiss Army knife
Box of Powerbars
Two Fruit Punch Gatorades
Change of underwear
Schematics of every building in Los Angeles
Two claymore anti-personal mines
Driver’s License, Helicopter Pilot’s License, Airplane Pilot’s License, SCUBA certification card, CPR certification card, Frequent Finagler card
Bamboo shoots (for torture)
Branding irons (for torture)
Three pints of type sensitive blood
Kim’s senior portrait from high school
Approximately 17,000 9mm bullets
Flare gun
Night vision goggles
Centrum A-Zinc vitamins
Copy of Barstool Sports
Arab-English dictionary, Spanish-English dictionary, Farsi-English dictionary, Russian-English dictionary
Mass Card for Edgar’s wake
Hit List
Picture of him and Tony Almeida performing “Love Is a Battlefield” at CTU: Los Angeles’ Annual Karaoke Christmas Party
Business Cards
Pepper Spray
Gas Mask
Ticket for year long vacation, flight leaves tomorrow at 8:30 AM

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