TSA Enhanced Groping & Child Molestation: Showdown.

I am afraid that the eventual arrest & trial for “assaulting” a Federal Pervert is coming. And I also see that short of people congregating around TSA headquarters and re-arranging the facade with improvised projectiles and assorted dung, the idea of this new enhanced groping will not be revisited.

In the never ending disconnect between Washington and the rest of the Nation, we are now faced with Federal-supported goons that are engaging in conducts that would earn any individual a lengthily stay in prison and an eternal felony jacket as Sexual Offender. TSA agents will probably get Christmas Bonuses.

But hey! You mustn’t protest! If you speak against this, you are anti-government, racist and probably looking to overthrow the “progressive” minds that are running our country. You must me one of them Militia types. So now shush and spread them, it is Amateur Gynecologist/Urologist Time!

2 Replies to “TSA Enhanced Groping & Child Molestation: Showdown.”

  1. My daughter has flown since she was 3 years old. She is 12 now and is developing breasts. It sickens me as a mother than the first sexual encounter will be involuntary and at such a young age to a TSA pervert.
    As a mother I spoke to her about what to expect and she was horrified, and said she would rather not go to Florida. We cancelled our trip.

    If Janet Napalitano is not willing to go thru the machine, why shoudl my daughter. I did research and I found that these machines are not even used in Israel cause they are unreliable and easily tricked. Janet, I hope you are tried for treason and endangering children, and get listed in the sexual preditator database. I am no longer afraid of terrorists, your goons are much scarier.

    Just an FYI the Excuse of “Following Orders” did not work in Nuremburg and it will not work for you.

  2. CM, My nephew is getting married next year. If by the time his wedding date approaches, these idiotic Federally Protected Sexual Assaults are not gone, I will be forced not to attend or will have to lose a total of four days driving to get there and come back. More than making a protest, this will be done in order to avoid legal problems: If I see anybody trying to sexually attack my wife, I will probably end up in the slammer for shoving a box of surgical gloves inside somebody’s body cavity.

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