Cornered Cat: The Book.

Are you a husband or father that worries about the safety of the females you love? Do you want them to carry for their self defense? I bet you (like me) have a tough time not only trying to teach your significant other to shoot but to convey the importance of the whole self defense thing. GET THIS BOOK!
And even if you are a woman and …carry, this book will help you with your self defensive lifestyle.
Get her a copy and show her that her life is paramount to you. This is a way to say that you want to grow old with her. Nothing says love like and old couple watching a sunset in the comfort of their rocking chairs while both of you are packing 🙂

If you want to know about Kathy Jackson, the easiest way is to check the Pro Arms podcasts here and here and here and here and…. OK, you get the idea.

Pre-order now at White Feather Press. I mean now… what the heck are you waiting for?

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