TSA: Sexual Assault plus Taking Credit for the War On Terror.

TSA has now reached a new low. Not only they are giving you a federally protected sexual assault with every air trip you take, now that are the top “warriors” on the war against terrorism.

After a traveler punched a TSA screener in Indianapolis, TSA spokesman Jim Fotenos actually had the gall to say:

Our transportation security officers work on the front lines to protect the nation from a terrorist attack and physical violence against them is shameful. TSA will work with local authorities to see that appropriate action is taken.”

I beg your pardon? Do you have the sanctified testicles to tell me that a barely literate pervert wearing a sleeveless sweater and a pair of surgical gloves is equal to our men and women that actually go every day against real terrorists? Do you have any shame in equating Beavis and Butthead with a cheap badge rummaging through grandma’s underpants (while grandma is wearing them) is the same thing as a soldier facing an actual armed terrorist ready to blow him and his buddies to kingdom come in the next three seconds if he don’t pull the trigger? A bad day as a TSA screener is when the airport Sbarro’s is out of fresh slices and has to wait or they catch heavy traffic on the way home. A bad day for our soldiers is when their next air trip is inside a metal box covered with the flag.
Don’t you DARE compare your Fondlers with the men and women of our armed forces fighting the real fight.