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  1. Just stumbled upon your blog. Looks good. Thoughts on this post though…

    It has always troubled me that we use the whole “freedom is not free” thing in support of military. Freedom is in fact, not free, but not because of a large well funded, and armed government. The price paid for freedom is allowing mosques to be built in sight of ground zero; permitting radicals to protest at military funerals; and yes, even suffering civilian deaths in mid-flight because we have lax security at our airports in the name of privacy.

    I hate all of the things that I listed as “the price paid for freedom,” but I am proud to live in a country in which we chose to pay that price rather than giving up the freedom we hold dear.

    The military may in some cases be the defender of freedom (WWII, US War for Independence, etc.). However, historically, the more military a country has, the less freedom its citizens enjoy.

    If you are traveling tomorrow, please remember to exercise your legal option of opting out of the “x-ray” machine. The delays suffered by travelers tomorrow will be just one more example of the price we pay for freedom.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

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