Quote of the Day: NOT Ted Shaffrey. (Correction Issued)

The real Ted Shaffrey contacted me (3/20/2012) and informed me that the quote below was wrongfully attributed to him. He was kind enough to include the AP correction to the original story. You will see two “Ted” which officially mean “unknown idiot who enjoys being patted in the groin by TSA agents” and not Mr. Shaffrey.. Are we clear people?

Chicago (AP) _ In some versions of a Nov. 24, 2010, story about Thanksgiving holiday security at U.S. airports, The Associated Press wrongly attributed a comment supporting more invasive screening measures to AP reporter Ted Shaffrey. It was a traveler interviewed by Shaffrey who
said, “Tell all the people whining about getting patted down to remember 9/11. They’re all whine-bags.” In a paragraph attached to the story,
Shaffrey was correctly listed among AP contributors.

My apologies to Mr. Shaffrey and i hope that this correction helps clear any further problems or misconceptions people may have for somebody’s mistake in naming him the owner of the quote.

“Tell all the people whining about getting patted down to remember 9/11,” he said. “They’re all whine-bags.”

Hey Ted, call me silly but I seem to recall the 9-11 Terrorists were not carrying the box cutters in the groin.  And in case you think TSA Perverts are doing a good job with the scanners and the pat downs:

Feeling any safer yet Ted?

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  1. This hit at the Obugger TSA kind of redeems them for that stupid episode where the Mythbusters reported to Obugger about a myth they have busted twice before.

  2. CORRECTION: Due to an editing mistake, the name of one of the Associated Press reporters covering this story, Ted Shaffrey, was incorrectly attributed to a quote from an air traveler he interviewed.

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