Illustrating the concept of Mission Determines Gear.

Sabrina pose notwithstanding ,the photo is very revealing on the concept of Mission Determines Gear.  This week, Brazil’s Military Police literally invaded a really nasty neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro trying to dismantle a drug organization entrenched deeply in the area and responsible for many murders. Construction in the Favelas of Rio is made with concrete blocks and lots of cement (wood is so expensive only the ultra rich can afford it) so a 5.56 round will have trouble penetrating a wall.  FN FALs (as depicted in the picture) are the choice for blasting hard cover and taking the fight to bunkered down criminals.

This is not to say that 5.56 does not have a place in the Brazilian urban warfare. As we can see in the next photo, either in a scoped version for long range work or short version for house clearing, a rifle in 5.56 is necessary and even desirable.


Although I cannot imagine the logistical nightmare that must be to heavily depend on two different calibers and weapon’s systems, the fact that the specific need of the moment is what dictates what should be used instead of some procurement dictum stated by somebody who’s never left the office should be applauded.