WikiLeaks, TSA and Homeland Security.

On Monday, the Department of Homeland Security announced that it will start the new Extra Enhanced Pat Downs that will include body cavity searches and will augment the power on the Body Scanners so they will be able to search up to 2 inches deep inside our bodies.

The announcement came after that massive document dump by WikiLeaks’s Julian Assange. Over a quarter of a million confidential and secret communications were released yesterday forcing Homeland Security to reinforce security at all airports. In an interview in NPR, TSA’s Chief John Pistole said that TSA Agents are being trained on the new procedures. “We are living in a new world of increased risks and the Extra Enhanced Pat Downs are a small sacrifice we all must make in order to be safe.”  When asked by a New York Times journalist if he thought that it made sense to increase security measures because of the WikiLeak affair, Mr. Pistole replied: “We are applying the same protocols we always had since the inception of TSA. Sense, common or otherwise have no relevance in what we do.”

An airline passenger undergoes a full body scan and Tanning Session with the newly released Chertoff-Scan Enhanced at O’Hare International Airport Wednesday,