Big Sis Says: Report supicious activity at Walmart.

If there ever was proof that the Washington clique is 100% disconnected from anything and anybody not within the Beltway, we once again have proof with the deal between WalMart and Homeland Security where they play a Janet “The Godmother” Napolitano video urging us to report suspicious activity. I mean, it is WalMart for pete’s sake, the only suspicious activity in WallyWorld is to act like a Washington insider. And people ask me why I don’t trust D.C. to keep me safe.

The following video pretty much sums it up.

2 Replies to “Big Sis Says: Report supicious activity at Walmart.”

  1. OH, Oh! I see suspicious activity right now. Mohammed Obama, the Islamo/Fascist/illegal alien from Kenya, Princess Pelosi, the female GodFather (or is it God Mother?), Dirty Harry Reid, Tim Geithner the tax cheat, Barney Frank who used to run a teenage gay call service from his government financed home, Frank’s male lover/roomate who grows “Weed” in his back yard, John Kerry who also cheats on his taxes by docking his multi million yacht in a neighboring state, Van Jones the Communist, 32 “Czars” illegally appointed, Two ugly fat women recently appointed to the (less than) Supreme Court, (one a lesbo, and the other who favors illegal Mexican aliens), and the list goes on and on. If I had to choose the three most vicious, corrupt governments in 2,000 years of Western history, they would be: a) The Imperial Caesars of ancient Rome, b) Hitler and the Nazis, and c), Obama and his government of A**holes.



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