Miami Dilemma: Carry in Cold Weather.

OK, so how the heck do you carry up North? Grant you we don’t have the clothes so we work on the 17 layers of Hawaiian shirts and Guayaberas to achieve insulation, WalMart has been smart enough to import long johns from other stores and it is a problem to be wearing 6 pairs of socks with flip flops or sandals. This bulkiness leaves very little room for the regular carry gear I use.

Oh hell, I’ll freeze.  I’ll practice dry firing with stuffed oven mittens a bit later.

UPDATE: I just checked my snail mail and found the latest Bass Pro Shop flyer advertising what appears to be a sale on cold weather clothing. The stars aligned properly! “Honey dear, I have to go to Bass Pro for a new jacket. It is too cold out there! Plus Sebastian (who you know is an expert on shooting things in the cold and during other weather phenomena) has given me sage advice on the matter. I’ll be right back.” <evil laugh>

UPDATE 2: It did not work. I keep forgetting my wife works at a frozen food distribution company. She is borrowing one of those coats they use in the freezers rated for a really bad Siberian Winter so I can use for the next couple of days. Curses! Foiled again!.

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  1. Buy a moderately warm coat. Carry under the coat. You can put nearly any hand cannon under a fall coat without any print-through.

    (You don’t need a real winter coat — FL isn’t MT.)

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