Joan Peterson’s Rules Of Reasoned Discourse.

1) It is my Reasoned Discourse and I’ll cry wolf if I want to.

2) When proved I am wrong, deny, belittle or ignore.

3) When painted into a logical corner, accuse my “painter” of being violent and claim to be threatened. Ban him from the blog.

4) “Coming to a compromise” means I get everything I want.

5) When in doubt just say “I don’t accept it.”

6) It is morally superior to be an unarmed victim of violent crime.

7) It is immoral to defend yourself or your family with a gun, unless you are anti-gun.

8 ) Data is flexible. Bend it to my needs.

9) Above all remember: you are dealing with uncouth rednecks that hump their sisters and live in trailer parks. Be kind because they are not as smart as you.

One Reply to “Joan Peterson’s Rules Of Reasoned Discourse.”

  1. I should have reviewed these again, especially #3, before I got myself kicked off of a thread. I just can’t help myself I gotta keep reading it, it’s like watching Springer, you know it’s bad for you but you just can’t believe what you are seeing (reading).

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