Guns in restaurants: Somebody got shot!

Unfortunately for the Doom and Gloom Club, the person who got the short order of lead was one of three individuals that tried to rob a customer outside a Longhorn Restaurant in Palm Beach. last Christmas.

Roger Jamal Horne appeared in front a judge after recovering somewhat from his wounds. According to the Palm Beach Post: “He is charged with four counts of attempted robbery with a deadly weapon, five counts of robbery with a firearm, and one count each of armed robbery with a deadly weapon, assault with intent to commit a felony, and aggravated assault with a firearm.”

But the cherry on top for me was: “…a 26-year-old West Palm Beach man, was carrying a licensed handgun and opened fire on Horne, striking him at least once.
You want to tell me that a young man with a concealed gun (ZOMG!) going to a restaurant where alcohol is served (double ZOMG!) did not provoke a massacre killing innocent people but only took out the bad guy and sent the accomplices running? How the hell are we gonna tell Japete?

By the way Palm Beach Post, the young man was not carrying a licensed weapon. He had a concealed weapons permit and was carrying a gun. We do not need register our weapons in Florida.

One Reply to “Guns in restaurants: Somebody got shot!”

  1. As a former police officer I think it is a good idea for citizens everywhere to get a concealed weapons permit and carry a concealed firearm as long as they are of the sound mind and law-abiding type.

    Police officers can’t be everywhere all the time. I know this is true because of my time behind the badge. Armed citizens need to be able to protect themselves what law enforcement is not around.

    Until someone invents a police officer you can keep in your pocket or purse to protect yourself or your family, a gun is the next best thing.



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