IDPA: SSR Power Factor coming down!

Those shooting in the Stock Service Revolver of IDPA had been whipped into reloading or shooting .38 spcl +P because of the established power factor of 125,000. Almost no commercial .30 special ammo managed to go that high and if you wanted to compete at a sanctioned match, you would either shoot +p or your loads that were close to +P anyways.

From the ProArms Podcast Forum:

For those that shoot IDPA Stock Service Revolver (SSR) there is some big news! The Power Factor (PF) has been reduced from 125 to 105. This is not rumor. It is fact. I have spoken to Robert Ray at IDPA HQ several times this week, and did not post this until it was confirmed. The new PF will go into effect Monday 17 January 2011.
The new 105 PF means that the following bullet/velocity combinations in .38 Special, from a four-inch barrel, are now legal Sanctioned Match loads – 158 grain@675 fps… 140@750… 130@815… and 125@840. This means that those who want to shoot SSR no longer need to reload heavy loads (often above .38+P pressures) to compete. Many factory loads will now work. Any 158 grain LRN standard pressure factory load (Rem, Win, Fed, Speer) will make it easily. Some of the popular 130 grain “Wally World” loads may not. They are borderline… and you will need to chrono them in your gun to be sure.
The bottom line is that you no longer have to be a reloader to shoot SSR. There are a large number of factory loads that will now be legal. For those that do reload, any 158 grain cast or swaged lead bullet can easily make this PF with a fast burning powder like, Bullseye, Red Dot, AA 2, AA5, 700X, and do it at pressures within standard .38 Spl (16,000 CUP) pressures, with loads found in any current loading manual from any of the major powder makers. Bullet weights of 125, 130, and 140 are in the same boat… standard pressure loadings. You don’t have to beat up your .38 chambered gun with +P loads. Thos may prompt some shooters who might like to shoot SSR, but don’t reload, to give it a try. I applaud IDPA for this move… since the previous PF has been somewhat controversial for years. This new PF more reflects Real World and the ability of IDPA shooters to compete with off the shelf ammo.
Chris Christian

Update:Yes, published by IDPA HQ

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  1. I say YEA!!!! I never could understand why regular off-the-shelf ammo could not make power factor when all of the other classes of guns’ ammo could. Thanks for plugging the ProArms Podcast. Now, If I could only count to 6 or the cylinder would pop open when empty… I would have all of revolver issues solved.



  2. “Now, If I could only count to 6 ”
    Think Pairs of bangs and count to three… don’t laugh, it works for me.

    “or the cylinder would pop open when empty”
    No comments……I have them but I don’t want to bleed.



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