The difference between Japete & Co. and Us.

Japete and the antis have no shame in promising security, cupcakes and unicorns if we give up our guns. We know better since we are reality-based and offer only the chance of surviving a deadly force. We know that even though criminals tend to run or end up in a hospital when confronted with a gun, we are well aware that things may not end up well.

One of the armed men pistol-whipped one of the victims who was visiting with his 4-year-old son, and then turned his gun on the other victim who used his own pistol and opened fire.

The intended robbery victim shot the would-be robber dead, but was wounded in the exchange of bullets. He later died of his wounds at Memorial Regional Hospital, according to BSO Spokesperson Veda Coleman-Wright.

Even though he lost his life, the man saved his friend and a little boy. The criminals had no qualms on attacking the father of the toddler and endangering everybody’s lives. Japete and her friends would rather much enjoyed their deaths to prop up their cause and exalt the Morality of Victimization.