The Anti-Cop Culture.

I am sitting here typing as the TV is showing the memorial service for Miami Dade Police Officers Roger Castillo and Amanda Haworth. At the same time I am keeping my eye on the events in St. Petersburg where Officers Tom Baitinger and Jeffrey Yaslowitz also were murdered by a career felon and thinking about the shootings of police officers in Detroit, Indianapolis and Washington State. All of these in less than a week!

Last night at work I was faced with an idiot actually celebrating the death of the two officers and calling the murderer a hero. Young fella deep into the so-called Urban Culture who was babbling about how the cops were killing “his” people wholesale and nobody did a thing and that the cops had it coming. That his “hero” was a career criminal that fed off and killed “his” people did not even crossed his mind. I asked for specific cases where the police had committed this wholesale murder, but he was unable to provide but a few mumbles and assorted “You know what I am talking about.” When I pointed out I did not and I wanted to hear specifics or would have to consider him full of shit, he got angry and started to bluster with big hand movements and chest puffs which, once he remembered I was not your typical easy-to-scare co-worker, he decided to put aside his theatricals and walk away.

Any decent human being would be sick at such twisted mentality. To honor those who destroy your community and kill your people and to curse those who risk their lives for that community? And specially while trying to remove one individual who even after he was dead, neighbors refused to talk on camera about him? I just can wrap my head around it.

And now , the other shoe. We have in our Gun Culture individuals that are not quite bad, but not that far removed either. For a while there is a cadre of idiots that love nothing more than point out every bad cop and or every possible violation by Law Enforcement and make it look like it is the norm. These Keyboard Commandos and Starbucks Anarchists love nothing more than a good internet cop bashing to prop up their fake macho image. I am willing to bet that at the most, their bad interaction with a police officer came in the form of a speeding ticket yet they talk like they were gang raped by a bunch of NYPD officers with their nightsticks and would go as far as accusing Barney Fife of being a Gestapo agent. Those of us who have lived through the experience of really bad police officers in other countries know damn well what a bad cop actually behaves. First, they don’t use the well known and immediate call-to-arms expression “Papers Please.” Oh hell no! You may barely hear the word “Identification now!” while looking at the shitty end of a gun barrel. You pray like a saint while reaching very carefully for your wallet that the cop is in a good mood and is not exercising too many unnecessary pounds of pressure on that trigger.  If you are lucky, you are let go, if you are a bit unlucky, you may have some money and/or personal items redistributed for their sick version of the Police Benevolent Association and if you are unlucky, you’ll be found in a culvert the next day with a mouth full of flies and assorted unnatural orifices on your body.

We in the Gun Culture cannot afford these assholes becoming by default or design, our spoke people. Make no mistake, they are as harmful as ASHA or perhaps even more since they have no ties to Anti-Gun organizations that can be exposed. They will be used by the opposition to paint each and every gun owner as against law and order and wanting to destroy our country. Don’t be afraid to step on their toes and tell them that they do not represent you or any other gun owner.

And don’t be afraid of their mighty and verbose talk. History tell us that they are the first ones to turn yellow and become snitches when the shit hits the fan because as surely as the heavens, they will crap in their pants at the thought of a flash suppressor ready to tattoo their foreheads.

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  1. Just some quick thoughts on this … there is definitely reason for “anti-cop sentiment” among firearms owners specifically and citizens in general. I don’t think I need to remind you of the horrible atrocities perpetrated by bad law enforcement officers, and I don’t think I need to point out the growing militarization of law enforcement agencies and their officers.

    Unfortunately, the law enforcement community – just like every other community out there – is representative of the community at large, meaning the vast majority are good but some are bad. This is inescapable.

    As both citizens and law enforcement officers equally take turns hammering the wedge separating one side from the other, I think you will see more of this sentiment.

    As far as your coworker is concerned, that’s a completely separate subject and has to do more with a culture permeated by a general lack of respect and common decency.

    It’s important NOT to confuse these two issues, because they are worlds apart. One community has a legitimate gripe while the other just gripes because it feels griping is just one of its entitlements.


  2. I will agree to the extent that there have been several very nasty incidents with MOSTLY some specific federal LEOs of a certain agency. I will also agree that there are some bad apples within any police force that will make our life hard. But there is also no denying that a vast majority of cops and federal LEOs are either pro-gun or really do not have a specific stand on the 2A issue. Our goal is to keep those who are in our side (and the side of the Bill of Rights) and bring those who have not decided on the issue to our fold.
    But if we have people on our side constantly bashing cops for no other reason than feeding their own pseudo-anarchist egos, then we will be in worse shape than ever. I have seen this personally in our club where we had a decent presence of LEOs who were either supportive or were just about convinced of the righteousness of our cause. It took one moron with his constant attacks against cops to make those LEOs leave and with a bad impression. It has taken us several years to rebuild that demographic back to where it was.
    You cannot slap somebody in the face constantly and expect him to listen to you rationally.
    Explanation rather than confrontation is the way.


  3. There are good cops and bad cops, the job is to get either re-educate them or get rid of them.

    In short, good commo between the two groups, something that groups like GCO tries to do,and encourage its members to do as well.



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