I believe…. too.

Robert at Suburban Sheepdog had a wonderful post titled “I believe.” And of course and as usual I have to come around and do my messed up version of the thing.

  • I believe in shooting dreams where the ammo and the targets are plentiful.
  • I believe that somebody should come up with a cologne that smells like hickory smoke and grilled steaks.
  • I believe that eyes have seduced more men than any other anatomical part of the female body.
  • I believe that Bogie’s best movie was The Caine Mutiny and not Casablanca.
  • I believe that the best meal in the world is a sharp knife slicing prosciutto, cutting gallego cheese and home made bread.
  • I believe that watching a body of water like a flowing river or a lake is better than any anti depressant drug.
  • I believe that the Big Bang was nothing more than God snapping his fingers.
  • I believe that if you believe that the whole Universe from the complexity of Celestial mechanics to the DNA strand of a single cell organism is just a “coincidence” you are a damn fool.
  • I believe that the best romantic movies of all times are “Heaven Knows Mr. Allison” and “Cyrano de Bergerac” (The Jose Ferrer version, not the fat french idiot’s.)
  • I believe that the best “escape drug” is reading a good book alone at night.
  • I believe that female cats when they die, reincarnate as Southern Belles.
  • I believe music affects behavior (and if you don’t think so, come ride in the car with me while I listen to EL&P’s “Brain Salad Surgery” and no, I will not pay for your shrink afterward.)
  • I believe this is enough for now.

2 Replies to “I believe…. too.”

  1. First, thanks for the kind words.

    I wouldn’t oppose you on any of the above, except maybe the cat reincarnation thing.

    As for Bogie, I agree “The Caine Mutiny” was a better Bogie performance than Casablanca — certainly more of a stretch for him. I’d still say Casablanca is the better overall movie.

    (Interesting you have two Jose Ferrer films in so short a list.)


  2. Jose Ferrer was a damn intense actor in his youth and then became that kind of actor whose presence created such a gravitational field it’d force other actors to do their best or be opaqued. I love the way he delivered his lines, specially if he was being sarcastic or angry; very economical and they feel like you were being punched in your mind with a battering ram.



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