Munitions factory goes up with lots of bangs.

Venezuela’s CAVIM had a wee bit of a fire.

Another angle:

And in true socialistic/paranoid fashion, Hugo’s mouthpiece Vice President Jauja said: “We can not rule out any hypothesis, Venezuela is a country threatened by powerful international forces and we know of groups who act crazy in our territory and our military and our security forces have been gradually neutralized. ”
That means the CIA will get the blame which the Obama administration will deny and point fingers to the NRA and the “heated rhetoric of the Right.”

UPDATE: Some pics and vids including stuff that rained around the neighborhood.

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  1. Thanks for posting this, I have not seen this anywhere else. What an explosion, scary stuff. Do you know if this was their only plant?


  2. If I am not mistaken that is the main munitions plant. They may have some satellite stuff, but mostly storage. Right now there is a russian arms dealer licking his chops at the idea of how much crap he is about to sell.

    They are collecting howitzer shells and other assorted stuff in an area of a 4 mile radius.



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