ATF: Not the first time they are a threat to law enforcement.

By now it is out there that ATF’s forays into “controlled” deliveries of weapons to the mexican cartels might have caused the death of an a Border Patrol agent. But if the rumors are true, this is not the first time that ATF screwed the pooch at international level.  During the 90s and after their magnificent interventions in both Ruby Ridge, Waco and the scandal of the Good O’ Boy Roundup, ATF went to South America and attempted to build up cases of gun running amongst the Colombian Cartels and the US dealers to prop up their damaged reputation. Their investigations were so unprofessionally made that other federal law enforcement agencies in the region were soon complaining to D.C. about them and asking to have them removed. This was not your average inter-agency rivalry moaning and groaning but serious concern due to the well deserved reputation for bungling cases ATF had (and still has) and the fact that the “competing” agencies were used to work closely due to the reality of working in dangerous countries where their lives were literally at stake every second made and silly bureaucratic jealousy was likely to kill agents.

Again this is a rumor heard through federal Law Enforcement grapevines and other sources, but the almost-worst case scenario did come to pass, ATF meddled were they were told not to and not only ruined a major drug case but also almost cost the life of an agent. It is said that the country head of the agency whose agent almost got killed was so incensed, he promised that he would shoot any ATF agent in country on sight. Soon after ATF was sent back to the El Norte and ceasing all operations in and about South America other than being used to trace weapons from the comfort of their Washington headquarters. Still, the other agencies were pretty pissed about ATF and began lobbying on their own to have them disbanded and somebody else to absorb ATF responsibilities. Supposedly ATF was pretty much in the bag with lots of congressional backing to make them go away when 9-11 happened and they were spared from the chopping block. Somebody said that the two great winners of 9-11 were Bin Laden and ATF and that is some nasty stuff to say but reflects the respect that ATF has amongst almost all levels of our society…..other than the L.A. Times, Washington Post, N.Y. Times and some selected members of Congress.

As for the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, common sense would indicate that ATF is directly responsible for his death by providing his murderer with the weapon used. Also that ATF is responsible for any and all deaths that have occurred by using such “controlled” weapons. The Attorney General should be right now in deep investigation and the agents involved suspended without pay pending charges for Murder and/or Manslaughter just like any other citizen. The truth is that we will not see such prosecutions since the Government whitewash and the media spin has already started. At the most, they will get a slap on the wrist and a verbal spanking for their deeds. One must remember that the ultimate goal for the ATF was not to interdict gun trafficking to Mexico but to restrict gun sales to law abiding civilians and the current administration will make sure that it remains the same. The best indicator of future behavior is past behavior and we saw this type of cover and burial of bad actions during the last Democratic Administration. Back then Wayne LaPierre said something that I am sure it will apply in the very near future:

“I’ve come to believe he (Clinton) needs a certain level of violence in this country. He is willing to accept a certain level of killing to further his political agenda. The vice president, too. How else can you explain this dishonesty we get out of the administration?

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