Japete: If it was not on the news, it did not happen.

I decided to drop by Japete’s blog and read about her latest. In a moment of weakness, I decided to give her an explanation why would anybody “need” guns and specifically “assault” weapons giving Hurricanes Katrina and Wilma as reference. With the clusterflock that happened in New Orleans after Katrina, most everybody do not remember the fact that Katrina and her cousin Wilma both hit South Florida, yet the cases of looting and mayhem were almost unheard of. South Floridians always add guns and ammo to their hurricane kit and it has worked pretty well because you’ll be hard pressed to find the idiotic chaos that happened in New Orleans even though we were without power for over a month and a total of 6 million people were affected by it. Japete did hit me with one of what know consider her top bon mot:

“Miguel-this is actually the first time I have heard anyone have the nerve to say that there was less suffering from Hurrican Wilma than from Hurricane Katrina because of guys like you with guns. Interesting that that didn’t make the news. ” disarming people and condemning them to suffer under the rule of the criminal mob that the police did not have the guts to go disarm. We know that so I won’t repeat it.”

Did people suffer during Katrina BECAUSE they didn’t have guns? That’s also a new one and a revisionist view of what actually happened. But nice that you can live in that fantasy world and make up stuff like this.” (The orange section is part of my original post quoted by Japete)

You cannot but sit and be totally amazed at Japete’s disconnect from reality. If there was a time where all the best ideas supported by Ms. Peterson were enforced and the consequences clear was the aftermath of Katrina in New Orleans and our side’s was confirmed. The Mainstream Media did come to these parts after Wilma in the vain search of Katrina part two, but since there were no bleeding bodies on the street, no mobs rampaging through the local Walmart and no army patrolling the streets, they left after the third day and pretty much ignored us. To Joan, this lack of news is an indicator that it never happened and that I am making stuff up!

I guess I had my fill of Japete for a while. I’ll drop by next month and see what new orbit has she achieved in her flight to irrationality.

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