Shooting Ranges: Not for the plebes.

I am not in marketing neither I claim to be a guru in economic matters. But when I see that from 2008 to 2010 some 40 millions firearm transactions were made (NICS Stats) and most of them were handguns followed by AR/AK type rifles and both were bought with the primary purpose of self-defense and/or fun, I would assume that any person or company with a bit of cash and some business sense would think that a good business would be to provide location and services to cater that huge untapped market. I understand that new ranges face tremendous political opposition in some sectors but even the dumbest of politicians knows that behind that 40 million transactions lay a humongous number of possible votes and that silly opposition or blocakde to ranges may be political suicide.So, why not take a chance and start building ranges all over where people can practice not only marksmanship but self-defense techniques and even action shooting sports? Well, ranges are coming but no in the quantity we need nor for the people needing it.

It appears that the “experts” say We of the “cheap”  guns, plinking, self-defense and action shooting sports are not quite profitable.  The same experts are advising anybody who wants to open a range should cater to the Clay Disk & Five Figures Shotgun Crowd first and whatever space might be left to be used by the Plebe under the condition that they don’t walk/move while shooting ’cause you know, it is unsafe. I understand that the clays crowd do spend more money at the range. I admit I didn’t know they paid by the clay thrown (and by the looks of the clays area at my local range, those shooter’s be better off just tossing cash into the pond and save themselves some shotgun shells) but to treat the rest of the shooters like bastard children that must be brought to the dinner table once in a while to show the Christian spirit and then send away before they piss in the potted palms, strikes me as stupid elitism and bad business sense.

A reminder to the Gun Development and Gun Royalty crowd: You are being targeted by anti-gunners and the Enviromental Idjits. You will need our support to keep your broken clays depository open and frankly, if we can’t come to play with our guns, we won’t care about your playground. To the Business people I should point out that the local boutique food store, no matter how fancy the offerings will never make as much money as WalMart selling potato chips.