You can’t do that with an AR: Magazines.

I am one of those SOBs who love to taunt AR/M4 owners. The weapon system is a fantastic one and I wouldn’t mind owning half a dozen of them, but what makes the gun unreliable 99% of the time is not the mechanical but the owners. Just because it is called a platform it does not mean you are supposed to attach and launch any crap that is available in the market.

That last 1% mechanical happens to be the magazine… not quite. I understand that the original idea for the AR magazine was to be discarded immediately after use or maybe reloaded a couple of times. It was not supposed to last forever as it ended up being done and the problems that it brought. But luckily the new magazine designs have come along way and do a very nice job of balancing longevity and weight. The AK magazine however was designed pretty much like the weapon itself: Sturdy beyond what needed and can be used as strike weapon or hammer if necessary (don’t ask me how I know) and to last longer than roaches.

So, what do you do when even AK mags cease to be reliable as munition holders? You use them as pavers!


In Soviet Russia pavers may shoot back!

You can’t do that with an AR Magazine! 🙂