If we were violent.

I always find funny the level of ignorance and self-absorption that can be found in the Anti-Gun side with special consideration at our alleged thirst for violence. According to their narrative of us, we are quick to solve all our problems by pulling the trigger and letting the corpses fall where they may. To us is obvious that they are quick to confuse self-reliance with blood thirstiness but I am guessing that if you are a scaredy cat living in fear of shadows and begging Big Daddy for help every time things go bump at the wee hours of the afternoon, I’d be like that too.

Wherever shooters gather, you will rarely see violence, impoliteness or uncouth behavior. If only males are together, well some language may get raw but that would be normal whether you are a gunner or play volleyball. I have failed to see anybody being disrespectful to women at our club matches and we nurture children into respecting their elders and to value life.

All of this is lot in the Anti Gunners. They minds are so set on this cartoon character image of us that it cannot be contradicted or else their political and emotional house of cards would collapse leaving them in a mental vacuum and the horrendous realization that they have wasted their life and might have caused unnecessary deaths. So they must cling to that fictional image of us with all their might but, as usually happens with fiction, it is not based on the reality that could be. And it is good thing because the anti-gunners would make a bee line for Mexico seeking safer grounds withe the Sonora Drug Cartel while leaving a long brown trail behind them.

For example: They complain that Loughner shot 32 rounds in 16 seconds with one long Glock magazine thus  demonstrating the need of a high capacity magazine ban. Imagine what would be the Gun Grabber’s reaction to know that an average IDPA shooter can do the same in less time with 4 magazines loaded with 10 rounds each and that time includes changing the magazines and delivering accurate shots which Loughner thankfully did not do. An IPSC shooter would easily deliver 32 shots half of Loughner’s time. Then was the idiot congressman demanding a Gun Free Zone of 1,000 feet around every politician to keep them safe; we shouldn’t tell him about varmint hunters who regularly take shots of between 300 to 600 yards or more at targets the size of cats in almost any weather condition. Or how about Bench Rest shooters who can shoot targets at a thousand yards and place all the bullets within a 5 inch group? Bear in mind that the length of a human head is on average 21 to 22 centimeters (9.5″) and the width is 17 to 18 centimeters (8.5″). Shotguns you ask? You have the clays shooters that can hit targets flying up to 60 mph or the Cowboy Shooting aficionados that with double barrel shotguns shoot and reload faster than I can with my pump shotgun.

Take a look at this gentleman:

If I counted correctly, he shot 24 four rounds from three different old school weapons (and with limited capacity and not a single semi automatic among them) and under 20 seconds. He switched from single action revolver (which forces you to cock the hammer to shoot) to lever action rifle to shotgun (loading a shell at a time and he made a mistake) and back to single action revolver. He did not miss one shot, you hear the range officer announcing “clean” in the audio. If he was a bloodthirsty killer as the the Bradys and Japetes of the world would like you to think, there be corpses all over the place, yet the safest place you will ever be is at a shooting competition or around armed citizens.

If we were intolerant of other views or racist or anti government, do you think anybody would have a chance against millions of gun owners bent on destruction? The problem for the Antis is that as firmly as we believe in the Second Amendment, we also believe in the rest of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. Whereas they do not mind lying and cheating to twist our Rights for their benefit, we stand by the supreme Law of the Land. Anti Gunners do not mind encasing people in Gun Free Zones where criminals can and do kill whomever they please. That tells us and anybody who listens and thinks for half a second that the Gun Control crowd will allow and celebrate with macabre glee mass murders because it gives them more ammunition (pun very much intended) for their cause.

As sure as God made little apples, they rather see us dead than triumphant and they will work hard to achieve it by disarming us. We are a threat to them not because of our guns but because of we are the constant reminder that they are wrong and their life’s work is based on a huge lie.

PS: Thanks to Lee for pointing out my metric system mishap 🙂

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  1. Are your head dimensions supposed to be centimeters? At 6′ 2″, I’d look pretty damn funny if my head took up a third of that height 🙂


  2. Miguel,
    That was a joy to read. You have zeroed in on the psychological aspect of those that wish us harm under the guise of wanting only “safety and security.” Well done!



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