ZOMG! MASS MURDER MAGAZINES! (all caps required)

Via Snowflakes in hell we find the new Anti Gun Buzz Words: MASS MURDER MAGAZINES! brought to you courtesy of

As it happens, I do know of a Mass Murder Magazine. It is called Newsweek, issue of May 9, 2005.

This Evil Assault Magazine published a report by Michael Issikoff where he wrote about how those brutal interrogators at Guantanamo bay were flushing the poor innocent terrorists’ Korans down the latrine in order to shake them up. Hell was raised all over the Arab world and mobs took to the streets of Pakistan where between 15 and 30 people died. But, oppsie! the article published by Newsweek was, What’s the word I am looking for? Inaccurate? nope, not that one. Incomplete? nope, not that either…. Ah yes! TOTAL BULLSHIT! The Koran thing never happened and Newsweek and Issikoff issued a “retraction” which means they got away scott free from causing a mass killing. Other Mass murderers either have the decency of killing themselves or end up locked away for life.

Will the crap we have to deal with from these anti-gun idiots ever cease?

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