The first time I had an argument with a wasp was memorable. I think I was 11 or 12 at the time and this big ugly brown thing apparently took offense to either something I did, the way I looked or that I was too close. Whatever the reason, I felt this hideous pain in the back of my right hand and did what tough kids that age do: I ran crying to Mommy.

Expecting Mommy’s Magical Cure-All Homespun and with tears and snot running down my face I presented my injured hand to Mom who was having coffee with Dad and a visitor. Mom checked out my hand and told me to sit still while she was going to get something. Even though my hand was still throbbing badly, I felt a bit better knowing that the infinite power of Mom would soon make it all go away. The thought disappeared 10 second later when I saw Mom approaching with the HUGE kitchen knife. My brain went into high imaginative gear: I could only think of two possible scenarios: Mom was about to bleed me like people do in the movies with snake bites or <shudder> she was going to amputate my hand or at least cut a good chunk of it.

What followed was a Keystone Cops version of three adults chasing a boy all over the house. I screamed, kicked, punched but eventually I was captured, my hand secured against a night table and, with infinite horror, I saw the HUGE kitchen knife descending on my stung hand. I closed my eyes and got ready for the inevitable cut but instead I felt the cold flat side of the knife against the swelling. I opened my eyes and I confirmed my initial feeling which led me to resume breathing at a somewhat normal rate. Mom asked me what was I thinking and I told her the truth.  She was hurt that I would even think she could do something so terrible and I responded that she did not explained to me what was she going to do and I got scared. The swelling went down and I learned that what initially was scary turned out to be not only harmless but beneficial.

So what brought this prancing through Memory Lane?It shows what happens when somebody, no matter how well intentioned can create a crapload of panic when waving around a dangerous object in front of the uninformed. That panic grows exponentially when the object is displayed in an effort to intentionally shock the masses under the disguise of “exercising my rights” which appears to be the case with some members of a group of individuals I call O.C.F.U. as in “I Open carry what I want any way I want and Fuck You.”

Even though we are taking gigantic steps toward the recovery of all our Second Amendment, we are not still even closely out of the woods. And yes, it is our right to Carry Open and yes you should be able to but no, you have no right to screw things up and make it harder to cement once and for all the Second Amendment as a regular part of our every day lives by scaring the bejesus of people that do not know better.

In case you haven’t figured out, our fight is not convincing the Anti Gun people that they shouldn’t stay in the way of the Constitution. Our effort is targeted toward those who have made no decision or do not have a final stance on the Second Amendment simply because they know nothing or what they know was shaped by the news, TV or Hollywood but are reasonably people and will support us once the BS has been cleared out. So, toting a shotgun into a library full of kids just because you can it is sheer stupidity from the Public Relations standpoint. And Public Support weighs as much as a Supreme Court decision, do not fool yourself otherwise. People vote and send other people to Washington which in turn send people to the Supreme Court who make decisions like Heller or McDonald. You get it now?

Will I call for restrictions because there are morons like that? Nope. But I will chide their asses out and use them for the defense of our Second Amendment.  Anybody asks me if all Gun Owners are like that, I will truthfully respond that we are not. I will go on saying that “As with any other Right, there are those who like to take things to the extreme. I bet you have a relative that you do not invite to Thanksgiving dinner because he acts stupid and ends up trying to shave the family dog and dress him like a Muppet. Mr. Shotgun and his kind are our equivalent of a Michael Moore or Keith Olberman or Glenn Beck and they are disgusting examples of humanity feeding on the efforts of those who came before them and ransack the fruits of their labor. They have the right to be that Absurdly Stupid but hopefully their kind will eventually self-extinguish because as ‘loudmouth’ as they are, they will probably run and hide at the first inkling of danger. For the most part they are harmless clowns just lacking face paint and a red foamy nose. ” I will then offer them my Club’s card and cordially invite them to see and experience normal regular folks like him or herself enjoying firearms sports at our local gun ranges.

As for us, we must remember that there are Zumbos all around us and that some will come to understand their mistake and some won’t. The last group we just don’t invite over for turkey.

UPDATE: And faux-activism pays off. Library files and obtains restraining order against Michigan Open Carry.
Paperwork here.
From all of us trying to get OC in our states we say THANK YOU RICHARDHEADS! I know your BS will be used against the upcoming OC Bill in Florida.

Hat Tip to Say Uncle for the Update

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  1. Stupid attention-whores.

    Going to screw up everyone’s gun rights just so they can get themselves looked at.

    And they are so deeply in denial, they will not admit that any negative consequences can result from their shenanigans.


    Psst! Did you get the word? If you don’t support the actions of that idiot in Michigan, you are a Fudd who blows Paul Helmke for pocketchange.



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