Milking your dead family.

I must be one heartless bastard, but I am tired of those anti-gunner using the death of their friends and family as shield from where to launch their attacks. Joan Peterson (A.K.A. Japete) waves the murder of her sister by her Brother in Law as a only requirement to make her an expert of the subject of Guns. Carolyn McCarthy uses the death of her husband in the Long Island Rail Road massacre to make her an expert on “shoulder thing that goes up” and ban more guns.

I had a neighbor who knew me longer than any relative die by gunfire, an innocent bystander of an armed robbery happening 2 houses down from his. In fact he literally died in my arms as I was assessing his wound and that is an experience I do not wish on anybody. In all the anger and grief that came afterward, nobody thought of blaming the gun for the murder but placed all responsibility on the culprits: the two criminals who were robbing another neighbor as he was getting out of his car.

Both Peterson and McCarthy love to use suicides to inflate the numbers on their unholy crusade against guns by saying that if guns were not available, people would just abandon their intentions and not take their lives out as if the gun was an important catalyst that seals the deal. Yet one of my uncles living in a Gun Free Country managed to kill himself without the evil influence of a gun by using a rope. I rationally understand that he chose to terminate his life and you will not see me trying to sue rope manufacturers or trying to pass legislation limiting the capacity of ropes so they can break if too much weight is added or make it impossible for a rope to have a noose made or some other silly limitation.  The man made a decision and carried it independently of the means and this is somehow lost on the Ghoulish Duo who keep blaming inanimate objects for the failings of humans.

Are McCarthy and Peterson evil? No, they are not. They are probably still in pain for their loses but chose to cope with their feelings in an unhealthy manner. Irrationality does not fix irrational or criminal behavior. Their efforts only show that they have not been able to deal with the deaths of their loved ones. Maybe they feel guilty because they weren’t the to stop the events and now they are trying to pay some sort of emotional penance with their activism. Who knows?

So basically my message to both is to seek real help and to stop trying to punish other people for the acts of criminals and crazies. And stop milking your dead in order to seek your redemption.