Kydex Holster for Sibari Hun Side Bag.

I bought the Missus a Sibari Hun Side Bag at her request.  It does not look like your usual fanny pack, has a shoulder strap with pad and comes in a gray that looks more blue than anything.

However I was less than impressed with the “holster” that came with the bag. The kindest thing I can say is that it looks like half a sock made out of Velcro.

The bag also lacks a mag pouch in the gun compartment and that did not sit well with yours truly. So I pulled out the assorted tools, jigsaw, heat gun, sticky Velcro patches, dremmel and leftover Kydex (must order more soon) to make a quickie holster for the Missus’s Kahr CW9. The result was not bad at all if I might say so myself.

I did say leftover kydex! the back of the holster and the tongue of the mag pouch are completely covered in the hook side of the Velcro and attaches to the very generous loop side in the bag. There is a retention screw in the holster to add just the slightest pressure so the gun does not shift or comes out. The natural spring tension of the Kydex was enough for the magazine.

We’ll see how it holds in real life.

FTC or FCC or whatever disclaimer: I bought the darn thing with my own cash. I don’t know the people of Sibari and after the half Velcro Sock comment, I am sure they will not want to know me either.

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  1. Just what I needed, one more idea for the Magazine….:)

    The All Girls Class will probably be held on the last Saturday in May. We are running the Postal Match tomorrow so I guess I’ll hear more after that.
    I just started the whole thing, I am not touching anything else. Girls bite hard! 🙂

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