Brazilian driver decides to play lawnmower with cyclists.

From what understand, the driver just got fed up with the riders for clogging the street on purpose. The Two Wheelers partake on a event called Critical Mass which is “celebrated” all over the world on the last Friday of the month and just see what kind of traffic mayhem can they achieve in the name of whatever environmental/Progressive/Left Wing/Anarchist excuse they can come up with.

There is no doubt that the driver was wrong and should be prosecuted to the full extent, but the way cyclist behave nowadays I am amazed that they are not scrapped off the pavement more often. Mind you, these are not you average family member out for a healthy exercise or even work but  a bunch of idiots in two wheels smelling like patchouli.

The coalition isn’t affiliated with Critical Mass. Rather, in the words of one bicycle advocate, it operates as Sinn Fein, the Irish political party, does to the more shadowy Irish Republican Army.

Critical Massers grind their gears at that comparison. Carlsson prefers casting the Mass as Earth First to the coalition’s Sierra Club. They’re the radicals who make the progressives seem more mainstream.

When I was learning how to drive back then in the era of steam powered cars, the best advice I ever got about treating bicyclist was a quote from legendary Edouard Louis Joseph, Baron Merckx also known as Eddie Merckx, multiple winner of the Tour de France: “Give them enough space to fall.” which means give them enough space for a safe ride and I am all for that.

But what I am not for is a group of idiots taking over the streets doing exactly what they accuse drivers of doing and worse. Unless you happen to be an octogenarian in South Florida who confused the gas pedal with the brake, rarely you will see a car ridding down a sidewalk ignoring the rights of the pedestrian and putting people in danger. Traffic lights? Optional. School Zone speed limit? They have no idea what that means. Driving the wrong way in a one-ways street against the law? Surely you jest sir!

Checking on several cyclist forums, the Critical Mass bunch is seen as a blight and a direct cause for antagonism between drivers and cyclists. And I have to agree, just because you pedal, you don’t get special rights and are above the law so I’ll be one protesting loudly if my tax dollars are to be used on special lanes or free parking for idiots that do not respect their fellow commuters regardless of their means of transportation.  Plus, if you are stupid enough to ignore not only the laws of Man but the Laws of Physics and feel like playing chicken with a ton or more worth of metal at any speed, you deserve be retrieved with a spatula from the street.

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  1. I love to ride my bike, but I hate all these environmentalist assholes. I ride my bike to my college which is 10 miles away from here, and people think that’s crazy, but it gives me mega cred to shut down any Enviro-Marxist argument I hear when I say “Did you ride in a car to get here? Cause I rode a bike. 10 miles. And I shave with a straight razor and make my own soap and bread, so shut up, hippie.”

    That being said, I was in DC last year. I stayed at a friend’s house while he was away, and he got there after I’d been riding around for a week. We went on a ride to see the sights. All week, I’d been riding in the bike lanes, stopping at lights, crossing at crosswalks, not him. He was just going any damn where he pleased, never slowing down, never looking both ways, crossing a five way intersection on green, zero regard for pedestrians or cars. It was the most reckless and irresponsible thing I’ve ever seen an adult do in my entire life.

  2. The hipster-green smugcycles do this in San Francisco with a fair amount of venom directed at automobiles — and I’ve always wondered what the bowling effect would look like.
    Too bad he didn’t use a Tesla, they’re faster, quiet, and much lower to the ground, and that might give a better “sweeping-up” effect.

  3. In NYC, they already took over most major roads with a dedicated bike lane. Most tax payers didn’t even know of it until the lanes popped out of no where.

    And guess what, most bikers do not use those lanes, and continue to go against the traffic and ignore the laws.

    Bicyclist are sometimes like socialists: take others money to build things only a few people use, and then they don’t use it.

  4. I don’t mean all bicyclist are like socialist, of course. I only meant those who take over the road, forced cities to build bike lanes, force cities to be anti-cars, then proceed to ignore all those laws themselves. Those are jerks.

    Law abiding bicyclists, however,get my support.

  5. My wife are dedicated cyclists. We also own and drive a Ford F250 crew cab and a Chevrolet 2500 4×4. Not to mention my Corvette. I love my bicycle but I hate, absolutely hate with a deep and abiding revulsion, the enviro weenies and anti internal combustion nazis. Bite me you scrofulous sphincters. You give us all a bad name.

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