How to do a weapons criminal investigation.

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Apparently some other federal agencies do know how to run a criminal investigation regarding guns.
This is the criminal complaint filed by the FBI in the US District Court for the Southern District of Florida: Violation of 18 USC 922 (j)

The defendant Abdalaziz Aziz Hamayel was in the market for the following shopping list:

So the FBI prepares the case and sets up a meeting to show sample weapons. Hell we all have seen it on any TV show, right?

But one must wonder, What if things go bad? What if the meeting is a rip-off and those weapons make it out on the wild streets? Will anybody be responsible for the weapons or will anybody say “oops!” my bad! We tried really really hard but shit happens.”

So you can actually do a valid weapons investigation with an inert or rendered safe weapon? Hmmm.. fascinating!

Then again what works for the South East of the USA does not work in the South West. That might be the difference…yep. I can buy that.

If you want to read the whole file, click here.

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