Stylish Blogger?

According to Six over at The Warrior Class, I and worthy of the Stylish Blogger Award thus confirming at least one of his three major concussions.

As per the “rules,” part 1 requires that I must fess up seven things about me that must people do not generally know. So here I go:

  1. I can make old school home-made napalm: Gasoline and real soap. It is tricky as hell to make but it burns better in my opinion than the Styrofoam & gas mix. It also came in handy a couple of times as deterrent South of the Border.
  2. I have no phobias or any other type of irrational fears. I do have a healthy animosity against snakes and I’ve been known to dispose of them with the above-mentioned method.
  3. I inherited my mother’s green thumb but hate gardening. If I had my druthers, the small garden we have would be covered in paving bricks with a twice-yearly application of eradicator for any wandering blade of weed.
  4. I used to hate cats till I got married. My wife won that fight among many others and now I serve a feline.
  5. I drive like an old lady and respect the posted speed limits plus 5 mph. I have never got a moving violation in my life. However, if you are in my vehicle, do not taunt me and dare me to drive fast as you will finish the trip with gray hair and a bad ticker.
  6. I hold grudges forever. I am still holding on 2 from my second grade.  I will easily rescind with a heartfelt apology but there is an expiration date depending on the quality of the offense.
  7. I will not step into any body of salt water. The damn seas tried to kill me three times plus I get seasick. I am dumb and slow to learn lessons, but this one is officially engraved in my neural pathways. “But you live in Miami!” you say. Yes, but 11 miles inland.

And now I must nominate 10 bloggers to become also recipients of the Stylish Award.

  • Suburban Sheepdog. My shooting friend Robert (The loudest Voice in IDPA measured in decibels alone) recently started his blogging discipline.
  • Monster Hunter Nation. Larry Correia (and I announce it Portuguese) and the whole MHI world.
  • Uncommon Gunsense. Gail being Gail and I am not saying more because I am afriad of her abilities with a knife.
  • My Gun Culture. There is something wrong with the mind behind this blog…I love it.
  • Every Day, No Days Off. On design alone is deserving, but the content sometimes is apotheosis.
  • Anthroblogogy. The description of the blog is worth the award alone. I still cannot pronounce the damn name of the blog.
  • The Massad Ayoob Blog. It is Mas… what else do you need to know?
  • no guns – keine waffen ! A German pro-gun Blog. It is hard and ballsy to be the lone voice in the ordung wilderness. No, I don’t read German but I abuse Google Translate.
  • Day by Day. I really don’t know if you can call it a blog in the strict sense of the word, but it comes out daily and it bites hard. Plus it has the hottest cartoon chicks since Jessica Rabbit.
  • Conservative Scalawag. The name alone is stylish!

I am missing many more and probably repeated awards, but that is my list and I am sticking to it.

4 Replies to “Stylish Blogger?”

  1. Anthro-blog-oh-gee – I was an anthro major and intended to discuss more high-minded geo-cultural issues like I was still a Liberal – or something stupid, but instead just keep talking about guns and stuff as I mature as a Conservative…


  2. SWMBO has forbidden me to make any more napalm after the last batch managed to rattle the windows of the whole neighborhood after ignition.
    I have lived this long by not defying the 4’11” Southern Lady.
    I can apply for a waiver if we are in a SHTF mode as Post-Hurricane looting.
    Animal based soap is veeery good, but vegetable based will work just fine. If you happen to find bars of clothes washing soap that are blue with white streaks, collect them all!

    ATTENTION LEOs: I have not made any kind of illegal devices in the USA. Just in case I am referring to old times in other countries where, amazingly, the laws are so old and outdated, napalm is not covered because it did not exist at the time of enacting such laws.



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