“…and they are highly trained.”

“Police, on average, for every 10 rounds fired, I think, actually strike something once or twice, and they are highly trained,” said Bill Bratton, the former New York City police commissioner.

That quote extracted from the Op-Ed column School of Glock by Gail Collins is one of those myths (OK, lines of absolute BS) that Anti Gunners use to tell everybody we are too stupid to handle a gun. I am sure that Ms. Collins truly believes that and I wouldn’t be surprised if that happens in dear old NYC, where the average Big Apple dweller only shoots out of an XBox, but the rest of the US (Yes Gail, there is a Rest Of The Country) knows the average cop can’t shoot worth a damn.

The sad part is the reason cops cannot shoot is because people like Bill Bratton spent more of the budget on training cops on how to be touchy-feely/Kumbaya My Lord/Patchouli effeminate than ammunition for training. Most police officers do not train in a regular or even infrequent basis. They get to qualify with their firearm maybe twice a year, shooting perhaps some 60 rounds while the average gun owner shoots his firearm about six times a year and 100 rounds each time.

Smart cops that can afford it, usually practice more on their own and even spend a pretty personal penny seeking advanced instruction. But unfortunately, they are a very minuscule group and they are seen by some as Rambo-wannabes. Others join shooting clubs with action shooting sports that will give them a distinctive edge over their colleagues when the S hits the F. One such officer confided that he is scared shitless amongst his fellow officers manipulating guns but he does not even blink an eye at the range among the civilians in our club because we (civilians) are more respectful and more proficient with a gun in our hands.

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Honorable Facepalm award with Dumb Asss clusters recipient shown in the video had his finger in the trigger and injured not only himself but a fellow officer. That he dropped & abandoned the gun a couple of feet away from what appear to be NOT choir boys is just icing in the Crap Cake.

Our club runs four matches & practices every month. Number of attendees run from the low 40s to the 70s and in an over a decade of me being a member we had absolutely zero gun-related injuries. It is not unusual to read about a police-generated gun accident every month but yet, we are supposed to believe that they are better prepared than civilians?

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