Florida Legislature to Gun Owners: Raus Juden!

SB 234 has been modified by adding the following language:

(b) Carrying openly requires that the carrier display his
47 or her license to carry a concealed firearm in a clear sleeve on
48 or near the holster in such a manner as to be visible.

Which brings back memories of other successful Mandated Visible Identification requirements for dangerous people:

Yellow Star
Slave Branding

Almost 25 years of Concealed Carry have demonstrated that Law Abiding Floridians have not abused our rights. We have been ridiculed and put down by every “expert” out there and proven them wrong again and again yet in something as simple as Open Carry by lawfully licensed individuals, we suddenly need to be stamped as to soothe some panty-twisted individuals that still did not get the message that they are much more safer among Us than your average pedestrian. That this and other amendments were passed almost in total obscurity and without the input of gun owners shows we cannot trust the legislature to do what is right.

We are not asking for some special favor. This is not the 80’s where the question of the Second Amendment was still up for debate. We are in the Post Heller & Post McDonald times where the 2A has been ratified as an individual right. This is almost a quarter of a century of showing that guns save lives, that the worst predictions of blood running down the streets never came to happen, that violent crimes not only did not increase but actually subsided, yet we must make sure we do not scare some uninformed LEO or a High Society Palm Beach resident on her way to buy organic Tofu shrimp for the Oh-So-Social event of the night.

Kudos to the Florida Legislature for such tactful addition to Open Carry in Florida. Keep it Classy!

On the bright side, they did not impose the tattooing of our permit number in the inside our forearm. I guess you can call that good news.

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