2011 Florida IDPA State Championship (Day One)

One of the most liberating things at a match is to screw up so bad in your first stage that you really stop caring for the scores and start having fun. That goes double when you royally screw up in a stage so simple you are told you should take sewing or macrame as hobby.

With that out of the way, the first day of the match was as much fun as I expected. The Wyoming Antelope Club is hosting a great match as they have us used to it and the stages run between the fun and the “OMG who was the twisted SOB who came up with this crap.”

I’ve been bumping into people I haven’t seen in ages. Formerly Gun Doc Dave Pruitt somehow was condemned to my squad and it is a blast to see him again and also to see he has not slowed down one bit. I met David when I was just starting in IDPA and he shot in the local Miami Matches. I bet he was amused to see I still have not learned a damn thing about shooting.

And now, go ahead and make fun of me. Stage 7 “Shotgun!”