Weasel Web Stores are really ticking me off

Really, is it that hard to place a notation on a product page that says “Item in Backorder” or “Out, Back Order OK” or something similar? I hate having my money held hostage because you do not carry the product in your ample storage space in you mommy’s garage next to the Formica furniture from Uncle Robbie’s late 70’s swinging bachelor pad.

Two stores have pulled this crap on me: CopQuest and CopPlus. I placed an order with CopQuest for a duty belt on Feb 4 and I get this cute message saying that the “item now allocated to an incoming order from the
manufacturer. Turnaround is expected to be within 15 to 20 days.” Whiskey Tango Fox-Trot? why didn’t you warned me you didn’t have the damn thing to begin with? But wait, it gets better; It is now March 15 and the belt is nowhere near my mail mailbox.

Next was a holster from CopPlus and after I shed my monies, the Order Status page tells me that my holster is “BACKORDERED – Estimated ship date: Wednesday, March 23 2011.” Is this a standard procedure for stores that begin with the word ‘Cop’?

Now lets glance over the folks at Tombstone Tactical. I wanted 3 magazines for the Missus’ Kahr CW9. They had a great price and a warning that they were out of stock, but you could leave a 10% deposit to place the order and once they had the mags in, you could pay the rest. I went ahead, took the chance and was greatly surprised when in about a week I got an email telling me that the mags were in. As I was leaving for a match when I got the email, I responded with some funny email asking Candice to secure the mags under lock and key because they were for the wife and if lost, I’d be losing life or assorted anatomical parts. When i returned Candice had replied and also jesting assured me they were secure.

I went ahead and called Tombstone Tactical to pay for the mags and was taken care of by a nice gentleman (whose name I am sorry to say I forgot) who immediately knew who I was and was prompt and polite accepting my credit card and assuring me shipping would be expedient. Even though I told him to take it easy and that I was happy the mags were available, I got the magazines about 3 days later. And that is how you treat a customer. I am planning to send as much business as possible their way because they took that extra time and work to keep me happy or at least informed.

In the meantime I will continue to harass the other two cute looking web waesel stores till my items arrive. The stuff is also for the wife and when she is not happy, I switch to Attila The Hun mode and I am already in Semi-Mongol status.