Bloomberg: Dissing Americans.

“This is just no courage on the part of Americans to stand up and say ‘Enough,'” Bloomberg said while joining members of Congress who support closing loopholes that allow criminals, drug abusers and the mentally ill to buy guns.

Why is it that Liberal/Progressive Leaders are not only filthy rich but hate Americans more than the Taliban? Is there a section in the US Constitution that says we should prostrate in awe and heed to whatever His Highness Bloomer The First royally dictates?

Somebody must remind the Mayor he was elected to reign over the subjects of New York City, not to try to conquer the rest of the US of A. We do not take kindly to petty dictators.

2 Replies to “Bloomberg: Dissing Americans.”

  1. Actually, we have said “enough”. We have said “enough” to jackasses like Bloomberg executing illegal stings in order to claim that their totalitarianistic desires are somehow “right”. We have said “enough” to the further infringement and limitations on our Constitutionally-protected rights and freedoms. We have said “enough” to anti-rights cultists attempting to use the actions of criminals to demonize law-abiding citizens. We have said “enough” to the “how to boil a frog” methodology being used against our individual freedoms. We have said “enough” to tools being banned simply because they possess certain aesthetic features. We have said “enough” to nimwits who think 10 rounds in a magazine is ok, but 11 is not.

    As is often the case with petty authoritarians, Bloomberg is only pissy because we are not agreeing with him. Poor baby.

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