ScotWorks: Holster mount for wheelchairs.

About once a year, an IDPA club member comes to his fellow shooters trying to inquire what is the best way for somebody in a wheelchair to carry a gun. We try to come up with some jury rigged ideas, but they really do not make much sense or fall short of effectiveness, but somebody who is a shooter may have come up with an answer.

On a past post about shooting on crutches, a gentleman named Scot Shearer left a comment and a link to his site. To my surprise I discovered that Scot is wheelchair bound (or whatever politically correct terminology is used nowadays) but he was far from defenseless.

So I did not like Scot because he shoots El Presidente better than me 🙂 but I emailed him and asked if he could share a bit about himself and he was kind enough to reply:

I was thrown into this journey by a catastrophic car wreck 10 years ago,
Before the wreck I was avid, Hunter, Martial arts instructor, Rock climber, wake Boarder,ETC. After regrouping and trying to get back into life, I came to the realization that My favorite Rifle and Shotgun were no longer practical to use from the chair (ever seen a dog trying to carry a stick through a Narrow doorway!) It was at that time I started looking for a holster made for a chair situation and found…. none! (The Hell You Say) Several years and 4 designs later we have our Holster Adapter, and as you can see It works Very well. Now I am diligently working to share the Tactics I have had to develop for clearing courses with others. If you have any more Questions, feel free to ask ( Massad Ayoob is considering an article on this!) Best Regards: Scot

Brother Scot, you humble us with your determination. And rest assured I will abuse your knowledge whenever a fellow shooter needs your tactics and products. If you are ever around sunny Miami, you have an open invitation to shoot with us!

Everybody, check his website:

PS: Message to Gail. This is a podcast you should be doing. Not that I would dare to influence your production ever… I am not that brave. Did I just commit suicide by delayed remote control?

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