Ultra Fancy Guns?

I guess I am a reverse snob regarding to guns.  I do not find engraved/gold inlaid, custom made by Thor’s jeweler gun attractive but I think they are downright ugly.  And I cannot wrap my head around the concept of spending $820,000 on a rifle that will not see the open air or even send a round downrange but maybe once in a while.

If you like that stuff and have the money for it, great! But I see more beauty in the simplicity of a Glock (and I don’t even own one) and its affordability. For what that rifle is worth, I could outfit some 1,600 people with new Glock 19s.

Having 1,600 new fellow shooters is beauty in itself.

2 Replies to “Ultra Fancy Guns?”

  1. I’m with you, that type of excessively ornamentation does not appeal to me.

    Function first.

    For that type of money, think of the fun you could have buying Class 3 firearms.


  2. Hi, I disagree. I totally respect and understand your opinion, however as a craftsman I want to build a legacy. I have firearms both mundane and breathtaking. I build super hard core and I build breathtaking. I enjoy both. The only thing that holds me back is my projects are self funded. As a Tactitian I have a M1911-A1 I built you would love. As a lover of fine artistic expression I have built a “Bullseye” model that even makes gun haters admire and say my work belongs in a museum. I am a regular guy, I am un funded, and craft what I like. In the end though, you could grab my Bullseye or Pin Gun and proudly shoot your way through the Apocalypse without a single Jam. I immagine these Gentlemen from the past crafted their builds with a similar mind set- Function over Fop.



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