Thunder Ranch Mossberg Shotgun?

Apparently so.

From Thunder Ranch’s Facebook page:

I like this one because the Mossberg team approached Heidi and I and asked what WE wanted for ourselves personally and to design for all of you…it has an ambi safety that a Remington does not…a short stock thats good for all and we like the price…less then $400.

I know squat about shotguns so don’t ask me what model is it, but that one right there sure looks pretty. And if Mossberg keeps the $400 price, they will make a killing.

Update: Possibly Mossberg 590a with Sidesaddle, bead sight, rails and breaching device.

2 Replies to “Thunder Ranch Mossberg Shotgun?”

  1. Its a 500 12ga 6-shot with breacher barrel, tri-rail forend, engraved receiver and sling.
    Side saddle is not in the package. If you are looking for one, its Mossberg Item #52133. you can see it at

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