Concealed Carry Killed Martin Luther King jr.

That is according to Mayor Richard Daley:

Chicago Mayor Richard Daley is criticizing state legislation that would allow gun owners to conceal and carry their weapons. Lawmakers in Springfield are considering a bill that would permit gun owners over the age of 21 to apply for a concealed carry permit.

Speaking out against the legislation, Daley invoked the assassination of Martin Luther King, Junior.

“We have learned nothing from that assassination. We have learned nothing that guns are killing another generation of young people

And all these years we were led to believe that James Earl Ray murdered Rev. King with a Remington Gamemaster Model 760 rifle from a motel across the street.

Live and Learn!

OK seriously, is Daley just delusional? Or since he is on his way out, he really does not care about what he says, specially since Gun Control Laws in Illinois, something he fought hard for, are going down the drain?

Truth be told, I love when anti-gunners get this stupid. We are living in an era where fact-checking is a search engine away from the comfort of your smart-phone and the debunked lie gets published to millions of people in a matter of seconds.  The more they screw up and lie, the more we win.

UPDATE: Perhaps Daley’s outburst was because the City of Chicago was taken behind the woodshed during oral arguments on Ezell v. Chicago.

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