One Lucky Armed Robber.

This has to be a lucky armed robber. He he hit somebody raised in the People’s Republic of California is undoubtedly short in the proper firearm education. The video shows 2 glaring examples of that.

SAN DIEGO — An armed robber forced a donut shop clerk to drink liquid dish soap in an unsuccessful effort to get the combination to the store’s safe, police said.

And the robber does the threatening with the weapon’s slide locked open. I imagine that the average reader of this block would go on to “convince” the robber into inserting the gun (properly wrapped in the hoodie) in a selected orifice south and rear of the waist and then call 911 for trash pick up.

Full video here.

2 Replies to “One Lucky Armed Robber.”

  1. San Diego is a much more conservative branch of the state and from where we got our last conservative Governor (not the Actor) – and Camp Pendleton is down there along with most of the Pacific Fleet…and the robbery occurred at “Winchell’s Donuts store outside the U.S. Marine Corps Air Station Miramar base.” Don’t mess with the Marines! 🙂

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