A Gun Free Zone College is a Safe Place…….Right You Are!

One person was killed and four others injured in a shooting at the Southern Union State Community College in eastern Alabama Wednesday afternoon, the Opelika Police said.

I guess the shooter was not aware that guns were prohibited on campus. But do not worry, apparently he was not a student and we all know students are worse. Legally armed students are bad; nutjobs coming into campus and shooting old ladies are not so bad.
UPDATE: Apparently it is also a domestic situation gone bad. Thomas Franklin May III had a restraining order issued against him for domestic violence and it seems that the magical powers of legal papers did not do a damn thing to stop him from shooting the victims.
So, two for the price of one: Gun Free Zones and Restraining Orders: Deadly Sense of Security.

5 Replies to “A Gun Free Zone College is a Safe Place…….Right You Are!”

  1. I just can’t wrap my mind around the fact that after all the years we have had firearms, crime and gun ban supporters that people still live in the dinosaur age mentality and believe that if you take a criminal (law breaking person who does not respect authority) and tell them they are not legally allowed to carry a gun you can actually expect him not to commit a crime.

    Every time I see a sign that sys no guns allowed it just makes me laugh in disgust. They actually think that is a safer place because of some idiot gun ban. Too bad you can’t fix stupid. Till the end of time people will still think they are preventing crime by telling criminals nicely that guns are a no no.



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