Links…. a dirty job but I have to do it.

Since I did not feel like going shooting today, I am doing some of those little pesky tasks around the house and here that need to be done but we avoid like hell. One of them is to update the links’ list of bloggers I’ve been reading regularly. Not being the most organized person in the world and one that bookmarks anything at the drop of a flip-flop, I am having a wonderful time collecting the links…Oy!

OK, here are the new additions:


Eyes Never Closed.

Where Angels Fear To Thread.

Girls Guide to Guns. (Because my wife said so)

Cranky Chicks With Guns. (Ditto above)

meinungsterror (Another German pro gun blog)

All the blogs I link have one or more of the following: Funny, informative, they make you think, they kick your mental butt, they don’t take themselves too seriously (and there are some gun bloggers that think they are too good for the uncouth masses), they are pioneers of pro gun rights where none are to exist or I just like them.

More are coming..eventually 🙂

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  1. I’d have said something sooner but I saw it on my phone and I hate commenting that way.

    Thank you for both reading and linking my tiny blog. It is appreciated!



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