The Rio Massacre and High Capacity Magazines.

Everybody in the Gun Community (and the Anti Gun community too) knows about the Rio Massacre where a deranged bastard shot and killed 12 kids. We are also well aware of the new push for introducing a ban on “high capacity” magazines which anti-gunners swear will get rid of these awful mass shootings. Of course you can trust them that there will not be any more restrictions on ammunition capacity…yeah right.

They will probably use what happen on Rio as the next logical step. What follows is a translation from Venezuela’s Union Radio website.

The murderer, Wallace Menezes de Oliveira, 23, used two revolvers he had obtained illegally and which he fired 66 times, police said, killing twelve children between 12 and 14 years old and wounding a dozen other students .

Yep, no evil Glocks with double-plus-ungood thirty round magazine, just plain old wheelguns. Soon we will hear that we only need single action Peace maker-type guns which are difficult to reload fast thus guaranteeing that massacres like Rio’s will never happen again.

UPDATE: Confirmed via O Dia On Line (Rio De Janeiro’s Newspaper) and that the attack was stopped by Police:

Distraught, the killer attacked students from two classes of 8th grade (1801 and 1802), a former seventh grade. The scenes of terror only end with the arrival of three policemen. At the moment when the two revolvers were reloaded for the third time , the killer is surprised by a sergeant before reaching the third floor of the school. A rifle shot in the stomach requires the Wellington stop. At the end of the climb, he picks one of his arms and shoots himself in the head.

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