It is called Grassroots.

Over at the  Coalition to Stop Gun Rights Violence’s Facebook page.

It is official, they are scared shitless of becoming irrelevant.Even the sacrosanct bastion of printed Liberalism known as the New York Times has this to say about Gun Fight.

There isn’t anything new in the film to upset the gun lobby, but there’s plenty to depress anyone who thinks that the country would be better off with fewer than its tally of some 250 million guns.

We keep saying. We are winning.

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  1. Coalition to Stop Gun Violence communications director Ladd Everitt even admits that his side doesn’t have anything approaching the committed advocacy that ours does:

    More importantly, says Ladd Everitt of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, they have cultivated a committed corps of “single-issue voters” — people who reliably trek to the polls to cast a ballot for the candidate who will go to the mat for their right to bear arms. “We have not been able, to the degree we need, to develop a single-issue public-safety vote,” Everitt says. “That is our challenge.”



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