Let me see if I get this right.

Once more from over at the  Coalition to Stop Gun Rights Violence’s Facebook page.

So now he champions a cause that will force people to be disarmed and having hide and dial 911 in case a deranged monster comes shooting?

If it did not work the first time around or any of the other times where a nutjob has attacked in a Gun Free Zone, what makes you think it will work when everywhere is a Gun Free Zone?  Is this a case of Misery Loves Company?

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  1. You know what I find absolutely hilarious about this is that they said you “only care about the profits” and that Collin isn’t “trying to get on TV”.

    You are an activist working for free. He is paid by a anti-gun lobbyist and YOU are the one that cares about profits. Logic. They don’t have it.

  2. I must be racking up loads of cash in their imaginations… sadly their imaginations do not pay for my mortgage, that comes out of my pocket mostly lined with lint.

    What we really need is a pro-gun equivalent of the Joyce Foundation. I’ll take my payment in monthly ammo allotments and a nice gun quarterly 🙂

  3. Is this a case of Misery Loves Company?

    In short, yes. Colin undoubtedly has some degree of survivors’ guilt, and probably believes (subconciously, if nothing else) that if people are never permitted to do anything more than what he did on that fateful day, then he will have nothing to feel guilty about. Flawed reasoning, but it helps assuage that nagging feeling he has.

    I kind of feel sorry for him, or, at least, I would if he were not trying to abridge my Constitutionally-protected individual rights…

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